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MACH4 Margold Lindbergh Field Flygirl JH MXB2 MJS2 XF T2B2 DM ADHF CCA
Aug 1, 2013 - Oct 20, 2022

Lindy's Stats
Registration: AKC SR78794901
Birthday: August 1, 2013
Height at Withers: 20.75"
Weight: 50 pounds
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Lindy's Clearances
Hips: Good OFA GR-114831G27F-VPI
Elbows: Normal OFA GR-EL34892F27-VPI
Eyes: OFA GR-EYE5456/12F-VPI
Heart: GR-CA29264/26F/C-VPI-ECHO
prcd-PRA status: Optigen 16-6959 Clear
PRA2 status: Optigen 16-6959 Clear
Ichthyosis status: Optigen 16-6959 Carrier
OFA Link to Clearances

Lindy is the puppy I kept from my first and only litter out of Mira. She was the last puppy born and was known the first few weeks of her life as the orange collared girl. She is sweet and smart with a little bit of a naughty streak.

Lindy is a little girl with a big personality. She is as talented as she is pretty! Bold and a bit pushy, she certainly pushes me to be a better trainer! Lindy is a very enthusiastic worker, bringing her gusto and positive energy when training and competing. Some of that gusto comes out through her lungs! Even with that big performance personality, she is still a pleasant office dog and cuddle bug at home. All of the Edge x Mira puppies are very sweet and Lindy is no exception.

Lindy made her Novice Agility debut in November 2014 and finished her AX and AXJ in January 2015. She went on to finish her MX and MXJ in May and July of 2015. Despite only being in Open when the 2016 NAC Qualifying period began, Lindy was able to earn the 5 QQs and 600 points required to compete in the 2016 AKC National Agility Championship. Lindy finished her MACH (Master Agility Championship) in June 2016. I am beyond thrilled to have my first breeder / owner / handler MACH dog! I could not be more proud of her!

Lindy is also training for field work when we have some free time. She loves her birds and REALLY loves her water. Her dynamic water entries fit her exuberant personality perfectly. We are hoping to get into the field more in the future.

Lindy Photo Gallery

Lindy Videos

MACH Lindy! June 2016
Lindy Turns Two! Video
Lindy Field Training April 2015
Lindy AKC Excellent Video - Jan 2015
Lindy AKC Novice Standard - Nov 2, 2014
Lindy Agility Debut
Lindy Agility Class 10 Months
Lindy 12-13 Weeks
Lindy 9 Weeks
Lindy 8 Weeks

Titles Earned

AKC NA (Novice Agility) November 8, 2014
AKC NAJ (Novice Agility Jumper) November 9 2014
AKC OA (Open Agility) November 22, 2014
AKC OAJ (Open Agility Jumper) December 7, 2014
AKC AX (Excellent Agility) January 4, 2015
AKC AXJ (Excellent Agility Jumper) January 11, 2015
AKC MXJ (Master Agility Jumper) May 17, 2015
AKC MX (Master Agility) July 12, 2015
AKC NF (Novice FAST) September 6, 2015
AKC MJB (Master Bronze Jumper, 25 JWW Qs) September 27, 2015
AKC OF (Open FAST) October 31, 2015
AKC MXB (Master Bronze, 25 STD Qs) January 3, 2016
AKC MACH (Master Agility Champion) June 12, 2016
AKC MJS (Master Silver Jumper, 50 JWW Qs) August 20, 2016
AKC XF (Excellent FAST) August 27, 2016
GRCA CCA (Certificate of Conformation Assessment) October 6, 2016
AKC MXS (Master Silver, 50 STD Qs) Mar 19, 2017
AKC MJG (Master Gold Jumper, 75 Jumpers Qs) Sep 23, 2017
AKC T2B (Time 2 Beat) Sep 30, 2017
GRCA ADHF (Agility Dog Hall of Fame) 2017
AKC MACH2 (Master Agility Champion 2) Mar 10, 2018
AKC MXG (Master Gold, 75 STD Qs) Jun 03, 2018
AKC MJC (Master Century Jumper, 100 Jumpers Qs) Sep 02, 2018
AKC MXC (Master Century, 100 STD Qs) Mar 30, 2019
AKC MACH3 (Master Agility Champion 3) Jul 28, 2019
AKC MJB2 (Master Bronze Jumper 2, 125 JWW Qs) Aug 10, 2019
AKC T2B2 (Time 2 Beat 2) Oct 22, 2019
AKC/NADD DS (Dock Senior) Aug 15, 2020
AKC JH (Junior Hunter) Sep 24, 2020
AKC MXB2 (Master Bronze 2, 125 STD Qs) Nov 29, 2020
AKC MJS2 (Master Silver Jumper 2, 150 JWW Qs) Mar 14, 2021
AKC MACH4 (Master Agility Champion 4) Jul 25, 2021
AKC/NADD (Dock Master) Aug 08, 2021

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